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Experienced Project Management Practitioner specialized in Agile/waterfall methodologies, adept at driving collaborative, iterative software project delivery. Skilled in facilitating cross-functional teams, promoting adaptability, and achieving efficient project outcomes.

I aim to contribute to the project management community by sharing my insights, assisting new professionals get started with agile and project management endeavors, adopting agile thinking, and connecting with like-minded professionals.

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Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Emphasize on maximizing the value, not the output. By finishing what we started before starting something totally new, we limit our WIP (Work In Progress) there by delivering value to the business.

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Agile 2023 Conference - Orlando, Florida, United States , July 24 2023

Roundtable Discussion: Agile Transformation - when, why and who is it for? By Dubai Digital Transformation- July 27 2023

2023 SAFe Summit - Nashville, Tennessee, North America, 15-18 Aug 2023

PMI Global Summit 2023 - Atlanta, Georgia USA, 25-28 Oct 2023

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Agile project managers are encouraged to join and/or follow these 5 organizations for access to valuable resources, curated learning paths, and recent blogs.

An online community offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) – resource hub for project managers, offering articles, webinars, templates, and discussions.

SAFe is a widely adopted framework for implementing Agile practices at scale. Their website provides detailed guidance, resources, and training materials for  working in larger environments.                  

AgileConnection is a website that covers Agile practices, methodologies, and project management. It offers articles, webinars, and resources to help Agile project managers stay informed and enhance their skills.
A website dedicated to project management articles, case studies and best practices.
Atlassian provides agile resources including articles, guides, webinars and templates to help Agile project managers leverage their suite of Agile project management tools such as Jira and Confluence.
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